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Mass Tutor provides tutoring services in Massachusetts

Wide range of subjects

The subjects that are tutored include math, science, business, English, engineering, history and other subjects.




Algebra Help
Statistics Help

Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Precalculus, Calculus, Statistics and beyond. More math subjects can be found in subjects.

Biology, Chemistry, Physics.

Economics, Finance.


Computer Programming

Other Subjects

Electrical, Software, Projects and Computer.

C, C++, Java, Assembly Languages, Matlab and others.

English, History, Social Science, Geography and others. More subjects can be found under subjects.


Mass Tutor provides one-to-one tutoring at your preferred meeting location. It can be in-home tutoring, at school, at a library, or any other place. Multiple person sessions are also possible. Times are flexible and in some cases tutoring can take place immediately on the same day. A detailed description of the tutoring process can be found under services. If you need custom written essays you can order them at the following homework writing service.


Mass Tutor services the Boston area in Eastern Massachusetts. Some of these towns other than Boston include Cambridge, Ma., Somerville, Ma., Medford, Ma., Newton, Ma. and Lowell, Ma. Additional towns, colleges and universities can be found under Locations.

Tutoring Rates

Mass Tutor delivers positive results at an affordable price. Tutoring rates are just $35 per hour ( for a two hour minimum ). There may be extra fees required.

Education Levels

All grade levels from elementary to high school and college are tutored.

Mass Tutor will help you solve homework problems regardless of whether it is math or another subject. In addition to improving problem solving skills, you will understand the concepts better. Learn more about the benefits of tutoring with Mass Tutor.

Mass Tutor

James Hardin
Phone Number: 781-246-2948